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Leadership Team

The President, Yvette Pye, is an Associate Professor in the Ed.D. in Leadership Program at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota and has the experience and qualifications listed below.


Doctor of Philosophy in Geography, University of Minnesota (U of MN), Minneapolis, 2006; Master of Arts in Geography, U of MN, Emphasis: Urban Social Geography, 2000; Bachelor of Science in Education, Chicago State University (CSU), Chicago Illinois, Major: Elementary Education; Minor: Geography, 1997 (endorsement – grade 9); Future Teacher Preparatory Program, Chicago State University, 1995-1997.

Summary of Qualifications

Author, speaker, and facilitator with seven years of teaching experience in Higher Education (190 credit hours) and two years teaching experience in K-12. Supervised six (9) completed dissertations. Currently supervising six (6) dissertations, and has 15 academic advisees. Researched traditional African education and implications for adult education through the Maryknoll Institute for African Studies, Nairobi, Kenya. It is being used to create an elective course (EDD 816) Non-Western Ways of Learning: Implications for Leadership & Research. Studied at the International Association of Lasallian Universities Leadership Program (IALU) summer 2013 in Rome. More than fifteen years of diverse research experience, youth development, faculty development, professional and community/youth service opportunities. Sub-committee member that developed the EDD 360-degree Review of Leadership Competencies. Utilizes communications skills to coordinate efforts between diverse groups, build a positive rapport with colleagues and coworkers at all levels, and articulate the University-Community vision throughout the formation and out-reach endeavors.

The Vice President, Eric M. Pye, has business school credits and over 25 years of experience in business and sales.

The Treasurer, Eric K. Pye, Jr., has a bachelor’s degree in communication from St. John’s University, MN, as well as M.S. in Project Management from Saint Mary’s University, and three years of experience in financial institutions.

The Secretary, Jennifer Colon, has a bachelor’s degree in education from Denison University and an M.A. in Youth Development Leadership from the University of Minnesota.

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